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Melsmon Cell Revitalization Extract preserves and revitalises the weakened and ageing cells strengthen the immune system and improve physical and mental capacity. For almost 52 years, Melsmon Cell Revitalization Extract has been highly accepted by the medical society in Japan.

Prevention of menopause, Treatment of early menopause, Treatment of severe symptoms of menopause, Chronic fatigue syndrome "burnout syndrome”. Ageing begins at the age of 25 when decreasing the amount of collagen and elastin start to affect the elasticity and strength of skin and its moisture level. Melsmon application can help delay ageing symptoms. Regeneration of cells is stimulated only up to a "normal" level. Besides, there is a medical factor in the composition of Melsmon that inhibits the growth of tumour cells.


Melsmon from Japan Strengthens the function of internal organs and promotes cells' rejuvenation
Stimulates haematopoietic function
Melsmon restores the normal function for hormone production and is available at a special price
Improves lactation and enhances the growth of the mammary gland
Promote growth in babies
Melsmon improves the circulation of blood
Wound healing and promoting the formation of serum
Melsmon has a powerful beauty effect - revitalizing, anti-ageing and whitening:

Increases light reflectance, inner "luminescence" of skin
Restoration of tropics, considerable reinnervation
Extension of tissue breathing 5-7 times
Melsmon from Japan eliminates hyperpigmentation
Regeneration of epidermis cells

Melsmon is administered via Subcutaneous Inj / Intramuscularly (IM) only, under medical supervision.

Adults: as part of complex therapy in peri- and postmenopausal women, 2 ml of the drug is administered every other day (3 ampoules per week), for 2 weeks. If necessary, after 1-2 weeks, the course of treatment can be repeated.

Melsmon is administered only by subcutaneous injection! Intravenous administration of the product is strictly prohibited!

- hypersensitivity to the active substance and/or other components;
- dysfunctions of the endocrine glands;
- arterial hypertension;
- pregnancy and lactation;